Address: 14560 Pipeline Ave, Chino CA 91710, USA
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Our Music Lessons in Chino, California

KYR music has everything you'll need during your music lessons, including guitar amps, drum sets and keyboards. Our Chino, CA, music school has invested in high-quality soundproofing and observation windows for a modern practice space that is conducive to learning. Parents may choose to observe children's music lessons in our comfortable, contemporary space.
Our instructors are highly skilled in their field of study and are passionate about performing on the instruments they teach. We offer a wide range of focuses, including piano lessons and guitar lessons. Your band or orchestra student will benefit from private sessions such as violin lessons that will help them learn new music and develop the skills to excel in music classes. Vocalists will benefit from singing lessons to develop vocal fundamentals for classical or contemporary performance.
Music Lessons - Children's Music Lessons  in Chino, CA
Guitar - Children's Music Lessons  in Chino, CA
Man Playing The Guitar - Children's Music Lessons in Chino, CA
Woman celebrating Christmas - singing lessons in Chino, CA
Music lessons are available seven days a week, and our friendly office staff is always available to assist you with scheduling or any questions you might have. We offer month-to-month lessons, which means there are no expensive semester payments or annual contracts. There are also no minimums or membership requirements.