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Our Instructors in Chino, California

Our knowledgeable, educated team of over 25 instructors provides music lessons on a wide array of instruments, including:
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Banjo
  • Ukulele
  • Drums
  • Woodwind instruments
  • Brass instruments
  • Vocals
  • Viola
  • Bass Guitar
Man Playing The Guitar - Chino Music Store in Chino, CA
Woman Playing The Piano - Chino Music Store in Chino, CA
Trumpets - Chino Music Store in Chino, CA
Trumpet - Chino Music Store in Chino, CA
Each of our music teachers is highly skilled and performs on the instruments he or she teaches. We offer regular music recitals, and we have fully stocked lesson studios. Beginner music lessons are available for both children and adults in many different types of musical styles.

Our music instructors' qualifications cover a wide range of musical styles. KYR Music's classical musicians typically have university degrees and many years of performance and recital skills. Our contemporary musicians have typically built their skills in the field, and they have extensive performance resumes with top musicians in the fields of jazz, rock 'n' roll and other modern styles.
Our friendly instructors will help you get comfortable and confident with your instrument, learn solid foundational skills and prepare for the performance environment. Your personal goals will shape the structure of your instructor's lessons so you can learn and grow your musical capabilities and style.

We also provide performance opportunities for our students. Students are never required to perform in our music recitals, but they may choose to do so based on their instructor's recommendation and their personal performance goals. Our casual Summer Luau Recital provides a comfortable introduction to performing in front of an audience. The Winter Wonderland Formal Recital offers a concert format with formal dress and a structured opportunity for your music student to dress up and perform in front of family, friends and other music students.
Violin - Chino Music Store in Chino, CA

Richard Firman, Task Master

The task master! Has studied with saxophone greats Steve Wilkerson of Stan Kenton. Ken Grass also formerly of The Stan Kenton Big Band and also Jim Honeyman. Richard has played professionally for 16 years with greats such as Steve Wilkerson, Jack Sheldon, Tom Kubis, and many more. Richard has played in Big Bands, Classic Rock groups, Ska bands, Salsa Bands, Nortenos, Bandas, and the occasional Solo Classical performance accompanied and unaccompanied.

He received his A.A. at Mt. San Antonio Jr. College. As well as studying Jazz and Classical Saxophone for a year at the University of Tulsa with Ken Grass and Vernon Howard. After returning from Tulsa, Richard began to work nightly playing in different groups and different styles. In the day he worked toward finishing his degree in Commercial Music at Cal Poly Pomona, studying with Jim Honeyman and Lori Huff. Currently you can hear him playing in his own ten piece band, a big band on Wednesday nights, occasionally Salsa band on the weekends!